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31 August, 2023

Peace of Mind with Answers to Retirement’s “Three Big Questions”

Retirement success hinges on finding answers to “three big questions,” says IPC financial advisor Doug Hopkins of Milton, Ontario....
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23 August, 2023

Why it Pays to Diversify Your Retirement Income Plan

There was a time when creating a retirement income plan was easy – simply invest in government bonds and sit back to collect the income...
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16 August, 2023

Cash Management Options During Times of Volatility

With interest rates rising and uncertainty on inflation’s future, many investors are seeking ways to preserve and grow their cash reserves...
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9 August, 2023

Secure Your Retirement Income with a Waterfall Investment Strategy

Are you on your way to building a retirement nest egg? Do you want an investment strategy that provides a lifetime of reliable retirement...
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20 July, 2023

Economic Resilience is Giving Way to Recession

Our views and positioning across our portfolios haven’t changed since our June commentary “Where Do We Go From Here.” Most advanced...
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18 July, 2023

More Market Surprises Ahead

In a surprisingly positive first half of 2023, Rana Chauhan discusses how unpredictable “events” can move the markets in ways we can...
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26 May, 2023

Financial Market Update: Where Do We Go from Here?

A flurry of data and central bank announcements in recent weeks has provided more clarity about where the global economy is heading...
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